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Fixing Leaks is Easy! Finding them is the hard part.

In the leak repair business we have been through just about every scenario to locate leaks. Every building is built different with some poorly constructed details and unsealed dissimilar material intersections. Just because a leak is leaking in the bedroom doesn’t mean the source is immediately above. Water or moisture under wind pressure can penetrate the smallest of holes or deficiencies in the façade or exterior cladding. For every 15 miles an hour wind speed will lift water 1″ vertically so 45 miles per hour will lift water 3″, so some wonder why a 2″ or 2.5″ flashing & drip is not enough.

Its very unfortunate that most strata members have no idea how to maintain a building and what it costs to do it properly? They like to stick there head in the sand and pretend they’re saving the owners money? Well “NO” they are probably costing the owners a lot more in the long run! and likely new owners not the ones who have pretended to maintain the building by acting as President for 10, 15 or even 20 years too long????

How do these people get away with this? is there not a law to oust these strata members after 1 year, 2 years or at the most 3 years. Is it not the entire mandate for the strata council to look after the interests of the owners?

If you do own a unit in a condo and have a strata council to deal with? we would suggest a few more questions and get more involved because it your money!

Leaky Condo or Condo that ‘s Leaking?

“Leaky Condo” are they really? or is it just a condo that’s leaking? That is the question. The truth is they all leak, from Hi-Rise, 4 story, 3 story, wood, concrete or steel, commercial, industrial they all leak sooner or later ? We don’t and nor does anyone else know until a proper building inspection is conducted and likely an infrared scan, few inspection holes, the odd flood test, a few window tests and lots of moisture tests. These procedures should point the owners in the right direction rather than guessing how bad it is and always expecting a huge bill out of the blue??

The important thing is to develop a maintenance plan, short term & long term. Stick with best you can and the problems will slowly start to disappear with a good waterproofing contractor on the job.


Concrete Crack Injection

Should I fix our leaking cracks with injection? or dig up the landscaping and re & re the membrane? sidewalks? remove all the landscaping like trees, plants, planters, retaining walls and then replace it all with new landscaping materials etc. That is the million dollar question. Depends on who you talk too? Most engineers and architects don’t like to utilize this method because they want to rebuild the building up to todays code which means every detail from the ground to the roof. The liability is there main concern even though the costs are through the roof? The owners are the ones who have to bear the cost and hardship even though they have just moved in. What happened to all the previous owners that knew this would require repair shortly after they move out? The owners have to realize its not up to the engineers its up to them? In most cases the buildings can be repaired in a methodical way to only have to renew what needs to be renewed.