Concrete Crack Repair, Sealing & Injection

We stop leaks in basements, crawl spaces, suspended slabs, perimeter cold joints, control joints, parkade walls & ceilings, electrical room leaks, elevator pits, holding tanks, digesters, man holes, swimming pools, reservoirs etc. Why dig up the landscaping to repair a leak when injection will stop it? We may get lucky and stop it with one visit, but even if it takes 2 or 3 visits its well worth it. The reason for possible subsequent visits is that water will take the path of least resistance. We nor anyone else has control on how many cracks will allow water ingress. This water activated material, once set up forms an compressed inert flexible rubber seal that will allow movement without cracking again. If there is movement like earthquake or something serious that allows enough movement to allow some water ingress it will only take another injection to seal it again. We have had tremendous success with the Polyurethane Injection over the last 25 years.


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