Leaky Condo or Condo that ‘s Leaking?

“Leaky Condo” are they really? or is it just a condo that’s leaking? That is the question. The truth is they all leak, from Hi-Rise, 4 story, 3 story, wood, concrete or steel, commercial, industrial they all leak sooner or later ? We don’t and nor does anyone else know until a proper building inspection is conducted and likely an infrared scan, few inspection holes, the odd flood test, a few window tests and lots of moisture tests. These procedures should point the owners in the right direction rather than guessing how bad it is and always expecting a huge bill out of the blue??

The important thing is to develop a maintenance plan, short term & long term. Stick with best you can and the problems will slowly start to disappear with a good waterproofing contractor on the job.


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