Concrete Crack Injection

Should I fix our leaking cracks with injection? or dig up the landscaping and re & re the membrane? sidewalks? remove all the landscaping like trees, plants, planters, retaining walls and then replace it all with new landscaping materials etc. That is the million dollar question. Depends on who you talk too? Most engineers and architects don’t like to utilize this method because they want to rebuild the building up to todays code which means every detail from the ground to the roof. The liability is there main concern even though the costs are through the roof? The owners are the ones who have to bear the cost and hardship even though they have just moved in. What happened to all the previous owners that knew this would require repair shortly after they move out? The owners have to realize its not up to the engineers its up to them? In most cases the buildings can be repaired in a methodical way to only have to renew what needs to be renewed.

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